Monopoly Big Baller on YesPlay: Bingo meets Board Game Fun!


Looking for a fresh spin on classic Monopoly? Monopoly Big Baller on YesPlay is what you need! This game combines the strategic fun of Monopoly with the lively action of bingo, making it a blast for game nights.

Bingo with a Monopoly Twist:

Imagine a riverboat cruise with Mr. Monopoly himself, where you win by matching numbers and snagging multipliers. Yep, Monopoly Big Baller combines the best of both worlds! This ain’t just luck – you’ll need to make smart choices to boost your winnings.

Mr. Monopoly doesn’t just hang out. He strolls through a 3D Monopoly board in the bonus round, collecting multipliers that fatten your pockets! Every round feels like a shot at a big win.

Ready to Play? It’s Easy!

Hop on YesPlay and find Monopoly Big Baller. Choose up to four cards to bet on, with the option to pick “Chance” or “Free Space” cards for extra winning chances:

  • Free Space: The centre spot doesn’t need a number match – it’s automatically filled, giving you a head start. Score quick wins and focus on matching drawn numbers!
  • Chance: This card starts with a multiplier in the centre, and lucky players might get extra free spaces during the game. Those multipliers can seriously pump up your winnings!

Once you’ve made your picks and placed your bets, the fun begins! Mr. Monopoly throws in some free spaces and multipliers, making each round unique. Then, 20 balls get drawn, and that’s where the magic happens. Match the numbers on your cards, mark them off, and cheer your way to victory!

Bonus Round Adventure:

Want even bigger wins? The Bonus Game is where things get wild! Bet on “3 Rolls” or “5 Rolls” to join the action. If your numbers hit, you get to roll the dice and move around the Monopoly board, collecting multipliers:

  • 3 Rolls: Three chances to roll the dice and rack up wins.
  • 5 Rolls: Five rolls mean even more opportunities for big multipliers!

This bonus round feels like an epic adventure, with each dice roll leading to exciting wins and extra prizes.

Why Give it a Try?

Monopoly Big Baller at is fresh, fun, and keeps you in the driver’s seat. Make decisions, win big, and enjoy the extra excitement of Mr. Monopoly and the bonus rounds. It’s not just a game – it’s a chance to experience a beloved classic in a whole new way, with the potential for big wins and good times. So, roll the dice and see what fortune awaits you! You might just be YesPlay’s next big winner!

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